Dear Friends of Junkets



This is both a competition and an invitation


(This should perhaps have been sent out on 23 April, Shakespeare’s birthday, so we’re a late!)

A (very) small independent publisher called NiborPublisher NP

is publishing, in association with Junkets Publisher, its debut book with the intriguing title of



The trouble is: NiborPublisher doesn’t have sufficient funds to publish it alone. So far two kind contributors have come forward to assist, so this is an invitation to you to help by contributing to the publication of this book.

As someone with 61 years of teaching/theatre experience behind me, I am convinced that you can learn – and teach – a lot from this book: solitaire, or with a lecture-hall of students, or with a classroom of school learners, or as mini-research projects, e.g.:

~ go to the library and find the answers to Questions 78 to 82

~ use Google to provide the answers to Questions 101 to 105

Add to that,                                     is fun – as education always should be.

Anyone can tackle the Quizze solitaire, or with a partner, or with a group of Shakespeare-groupies, forming two or more teams competing with one another to earn the title of SuperShakespeareGroupies.


You can use the 200 questions in any way you like.


Here is a sample: every 40th question (or thereabouts):


1    In which century was Shakespeare born?

41  Did Shakespeare write a play about Queen Elizabeth’s father?

80  In 1623 those two loyal hard-working members of Shakespeare’s company Heminge and Condell produced the First Folio collection of virtually all of Shakespeare’s plays in print. What did Shakespeare think of it?

120  In King Lear, who says: (To Edmund.) Take thou my soldiers, prisoners, patrimony, / Dispose of them, of me, the walls is thine.

160  In which play does the sweetly named character Sir Toby Belch appear?

200  In Hamlet, what is the name of Horatio’s girlfriend?


Scribble your answers on a scrap of paper or the back of an envelope. Here are the answers, but they are typed in white, so you shouldn’t be able to read them. To check your score, highlight the following blank-looking space; copy-&-paste to a Word Blank, and click on Colour Black, and the answers will be revealed! (If perhaps the answers do appear on your screen right now, quickly cover them up – without reading them!)


The answers in White:

1  16th {1 point}

41  Yes. Henry VIII {1 point}

80  He had no thoughts about it at all. He had been dead for 7 years. {1 point}  

      (He died in 1616; the First Folio came out in 1623.)

120  Regan {1 point}

160  Twelfth Night {1 point}

200  This answer is not given. This is the Competition Question. Send your

        answer and your score for the other answers to: .     

        Include your postal address, in case you win. The prize is a copy of the   



(This space á is not blank. Do not delete it. It is typed in white, and can be revealed if you highlight it, copy-&-paste to a Word Blank, and then click on Colour Black.



Now comes the invitation:


Here is the projected budget for publishing this book:





So, you see we have a way to go yet.


If you are able to, please contribute towards this by completing the following:

Please send this, together with proof of payment, to


Bank details are:


Branch name: RONDEBOSCH

Branch code: FNB universal 250655

Account number: 62592338274

Type of account:  CHEQUE


Swift Code is: FIRN ZA JJ


All contributors will be acknowledged on the imprint page of the book.


NB a large number of small amounts often reaches the target sooner than a few large ones!







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