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A new Teen Novel!


We are happy to announce the publication of the novel


by the late André Lemmer


André completed work on this novel shortly before he died of cancer in August 2020.


The back-cover blurb gives an idea of what the book is about:


Marty has a problem. He is a chronic stutterer. The problem worsens when he is sent to stay with his grandparents in Madiba City, and attend his father’s old school, where he is exposed to ridicule. His grandparents are members of the local Shakespeare Society which stages annual productions in the open-air theatre in the local park. Marty is dragged in as a stage hand by his forceful granny.


Aviwe is a township girl and an ambitious actress. She is cast in the role of Juliet in the current park production of Romeo and Juliet. One evening Marty helps to rescue her from a mugger in the park.


When Marty lands up having to play the role of Paris in the show, can he and Aviwe overcome a series of painful challenges?


The author tackles a number of issues that will resonate with teen readers, including racism; sexual orientation and gender identity; and bullying.


Despite this, the overall sentiment of the novel is one of aspiration, achievement and defining what real friendship is.


If these novels are not in your school library, they should be!


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There was ONE person who got it right! And that person wants to be Anonymous. (I dunno why).


Anon also got 4 of the other five questions right. Well done, Anon! Your prize of a copy of the book will be sent to you … as soon as it is published! (Feel free to remind us, if it looks as if we’re forgetting.)


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Africa – Quo vadis?


25 May is Africa Day! We tend to look back on what Africa has achieved, or ‘got right’. Two young Junkets playwrights decided to take a somewhat different view of and into the future in Africa. Their take is worth having a look at.




Our Class Sellers!


In the past year (April 2020 to March 2021), the following Junkets titles were ordered by schools as class sets of 20 or more copies (listed alphabetically by title):


~ Abnormal Loads by Neil Coppen

~ The Boy Who Fell from the Roof by Juliet Jenkin

~ The Fall by The Company

~ Fishers of Hope Taweret by Lara Foot

~ Green Man Flashing by Mike van Graan

~ Last Cow Standing by Menzi Mkhwane

~ Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Metaphors by Mike van Graan

~ Mob Feel by Kline Smith

~ ‘Now I am alone’ 1 – SA Monologues F & M 16+ compiled by Robin Malan, Diana Wilson & David Fick

~ ‘Now I am alone’ 2 – SA Monologues F & M 16+ compiled by Robin Malan, Diana Wilson & David Fick

~ Rainbow Scars by Mike van Graan

~ Skierlik by Phillip M Dikotla

~ The Year of the Bicycle by Joanna Evans


We look forward to more teachers being adventurous and trying out our Junkets Playscripts.


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Our four playscripts sponsored by The Other Foundation


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