Playscript No. 29 JUNKETS10SERIES Peter Krummeck: iVirgin Boy

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Soft cover perfect bound 98 pages 207 x 137 mm 2015

Casting: F2 M9 / F1 M3
Winner of Drama Award, PANSA/NLDTF Festival of
Contemporary Theatre 2005
This memorial version is the first in our 10th Birthday celebratory series: the play was first
staged in 2005, the year in which Junkets was founded. See also p. 27 S.A. Gay Plays 2.
Alan ‘borrows’ his mother’s car to celebrate his matric results. Caught driving without a
licence and over the legal alcohol limit, he is put in the police holding cells overnight, with
predictably tragic consequences.

‘It’s a great story, meaningful and very relevant.’ – Megan Furniss,

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