Playscript No. 39 JUNKETS10SERIES Collected Series No. 9 Robin Malan: Three Radio Plays school boys, rentboys & klevva boy

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Soft cover perfect bound 140 pages 207 x 137 mm 2016

Casting: Band of Brothers (F1 M6), The British Maharajah and the
German Rentboy (F8 M15 U10), Clayton Crawford PhD (F6 M7 XF5)
These are three examples of the craft of the radio play:
Band of Brothers travels back and forth in time over a period of twelve years to
unravel a sex scandal in a boys’ school.
The British Maharajah and the German Rentboy bills itself as a ’fantasy woven from facts’,
presented as a quasi radio documentary.
Clayton Crawford, PhD is a piece of total realism, the entire action taking place over one
evening, with dramatic time mimicking real time.
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