Joanna Evans: The Year of the Bicycle

Joanna Evans: The Year of the Bicycle

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9946791-5-4


Joanna Evans: The Year of the Bicycle

ISBN 978-0-9946791-5-4

Soft cover saddle-stitched 56 pages 207 x 137 mm 2016

Casting: F1 M5 X multi / F1 M2


Silver Ovation Award, 2013 National Arts Festival


Two childhood friends Amelia and Andile are locked into each other’s subconscious as a result of a simultaneous concussion. They discover that, in our fractured society, friendship is not allowed to happen, even to children.


‘Together with a pair of compelling performers, Evans has created a moving reflection of the things that draw us together as human beings, as well as of those that tear us apart, creating a story that explores some of the challenges faced by the not-quite born-free generation of South Africans of which she is a part.’ – David Fick, Broadway World

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