Lwanda Sindaphi: KUDU

Lwanda Sindaphi: KUDU

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9946902-7-2

The Time Sequence No. 2

Lwanda Sindaphi: KUDU

ISBN 978-0-9946902-7-2

Soft cover PUR bound 70 pages 197 x 130 mm 2017

Casting: F6 M3 U3 or more


Winner of Best New South African Script Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018 Winner of Best New Director for Lwanda Sindaphi Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018 Winner of Best Ensemble Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018 Winner of NAC Incubator Trade Fair 2018 Special Merit Award for Best Playwright Nominated for Best Production Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards 2018


The year is 2030. The drama centres on the encounter between the amaXhosa and the Khoi/Coloured descendants, which takes place at Intaba KaNdoda, a poverty-stricken community once ruled by the Khoi chief Ndoda. The Khoi/Coloured descendants, having heard stories of how chief Ndoda was killed in a land dispute, have come to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. They have arrived to take back the land from the amaXhosa.


A tense drama, played out in both physical-theatre terms and through poetic language.

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