Menzi Mkhwane: Last Cow Standing

Menzi Mkhwane: Last Cow Standing

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9946902-2-7

ISBN 978-0-9946902-2-7

Soft cover perfect bound 60 pages 207 x 137 mm 2016

Casting: M1 multi / F4 M8


Nominated for Best New South African Script, and Best Solo performance to Menzi Mkhwane in the Durban Mercury Theatre Awards 2014 Winner of the Development Award, Imbewu Trust SCrIBE Script Writing Competition 2014


All the cows are dying. At Grandmother’s request, Samira takes their last cow and travels to the royal kraal to speak to King Marufu to ask him to stop the sacrifice of the people’s cows. But will they allow a young boy into the king’s place, let alone permit him to confront the king with the last cow standing?

‘A must-see for the family and anyone interested in experiencing some of the best raw theatre Durban has to offer.’ – Latoya Newman, Tonight

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