Paul Noko: Fruit

Paul Noko: Fruit

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9946791-4-7

ISBN 978-0-9946791-4-7

Soft cover saddle-stitched 44 pages 197 x 130 mm 2016

Casting: F1 multi / F7 M11


Best Script, Sancta Gauteng Province Festival 2014 Best of the Festival, Zabalaza Theatre Festival, Cape Town 2015 Best Script, Zabalaza Theatre Festival, Cape Town 2015


Everyone wanted to know who started the fire.


Fruit is the simple tale of a young girl Matlakala, who uses an indigenous game called masikitla to tell her story about what life is like growing up in the township of Diepkloof, ravaged by crime and poverty. Trapped in her childhood memories, she is now claiming back her innocence.


‘This piece of South African theatre is the kind of theatre I want my children to see. This is the kind of theatre of which we can be truly proud.’  – Thola Antamu, What’s On in Cape Town

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