Philip Rademeyer: Ashes

Philip Rademeyer: Ashes

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9946791-8-5


Philip Rademeyer: Ashes 

ISBN 978-0-9946791-8-5

Soft cover saddle-stitched 60 pages 207 x 137 mm 2016

Casting: M2 / F2 M4


Silver Ovation Award, 2015 National Arts Festival Best Production, KKNK 2016 Best Actor Award to Stefan Erasmus, KKNK 2016


‘The inspiration for Ashes is the ongoing violence against gays and lesbians in our country. Three specific incidents in 2014 … provided the impetus for the piece.’ – Philip Rademeyer, the author


‘Ashes is unsettling and challenging: an impactful and important production.’ – Sarah Roberson, The Critter

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