Philip Rademeyer: The View

Philip Rademeyer: The View

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9922154-2-2


Philip Rademeyer: The View

ISBN 978-0-9922154-2-2

Soft cover perfect bound 64 pages 197 x 130 mm 2013

Casting: M1 U1 multi


The Doric Wilson Award for Intercultural Dialogue at the 2013 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival The Oscar Wilde Award for New Writing at the 2013 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival


In some dystopian future, all homosexual people have been shipped off into space. From his hermetically sealed pod, the Boy looks down on a ruined, devastated Earth. It is a story of loss, grief and isolation.


‘Scriptwriter Philip Rademeyer has crafted a poetic piece … The View isn’t afraid to explore contemporary issues that some might find uncomfortable.’ – Eugene Yiga, The Times


‘Beautiful and timely. Essential theatre.’ – Michael Paye, ReviewsGate

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