Robin Malan: Lord Hamlet –a collage

Robin Malan: Lord Hamlet –a collage

Robin Malan: Lord Hamlet –a collage

ISBN 978-0-9870182-3-6


Robin Malan: iHamlet –a collage 

ISBN 978-0-9870182-6-7

Soft cover perfect bound 92 pages  197 x 130 mm 2012

Casting: M1

First published 2010. New enlarged Second Edition under two titles and with two separate ISBNs 2012

Ovation Award National Arts Festival 2012


Hamlet crystallised, Hamlet himself, by himself, being himself, speaking and revealing himself, through one particular actor. The text is the same in both versions, except that iHamlet also contains an alternative ending.

‘…a riveting and challenging piece of theatre, carefully thought-out, meticulously crafted.’ – Jennifer de Klerk, Artslink

‘… enlivened by a good-humoured commentary … teems with ideas for playing productively with the text.’ – John Saunders, The Use of English

‘Lord Hamlet is an hommage … written with a specific aim in mind: to celebrate a great play.’ – Frances Ringwood, Shakespeare in Southern Africa

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