S.A. Gay Plays 1:

S.A. Gay Plays 1:

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9869875-7-1

The Artscape Dublin Festival plays compiled by Robin Malan

ISBN 978-0-9869875-7-1

Soft cover perfect bound 300 pages 210 x 137 mm 2011

Casting: Happy Endings are Extra (F1 M2), The Boy Who Fell from the Roof (F2 M2 U1), Dalliances (F1 M3), Careful (F2), Myth of Andrew & Jo (F2 M2)


Plays included: Ashraf Johaardien: Happy Endings are Extra • Juliet Jenkin: The Boy Who Fell from the Roof • Pieter Jacobs: Dalliances • Fiona Coyne: Careless • Gideon van Eeden: Myth of Andrew & Jo Artscape toured these five plays to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festivals between 2006 and 2010. All of them were either nominees or winners in the Best Play Award as well as in other awards.


‘The gay and lesbian community in South Africa still needs to be vigilant and so public discussion of the issues continues to be important …’ – Michael Maas, CEO, Artscape

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