S.A. Gay Plays 2: an anthology of plays 1994–2013

S.A. Gay Plays 2: an anthology of plays 1994–2013

SKU: ISBN 978-0-9870182-2-9

Compiled by Robin Malan

ISBN 978-0-9870182-2-9

Soft cover perfect bound 328 pages 210 x 137 mm 2013

Casting: Your Loving Simon (M2), iVirgin Boy (F2 M9 / F1 M3), Other People’s Lives (F2 M2), Special Thanks to Friends from Afar (F1 M2), Chomi (M9 / M8)


The fact that ten gay-themed plays written by South African playwrights since 1994 can be collected in a two-volume anthology (S.A. Gay Plays 1 and 2) tells you something about the burgeoning of gay plays that took place in the wake of the 1996 South African Constitution, the first in the world to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. These plays serve to illuminate that brave legislative act of conferring dignity.


Plays included: Robert Colman: Your Loving Simon • Peter Krummeck: iVirgin Boy •  Amy Jephta: Other People’s Lives • Nicholas Spagnoletti: Special Thanks to Guests from Afar • Pfarelo N.: Chomi

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