The Time Sequence No. 4 Neil Coppen: NewFoundLand

The Time Sequence No. 4 Neil Coppen: NewFoundLand

SKU: ​​​​​​​ISBN 978-0-6399188-0-8

ISBN 978-0-6399188-0-8

Soft cover PUR bound 118 pages 197 x 130 mm 2018

Casting: F3 M5


Best Debut Production, Kanna Award, KKNK 2017 Best Supporting Actor Kanna Award, Kopana Maroga, KKNK 2017 Best Set Design, Neil Coppen and Vaughn Sadie, Fiesta Award 2018 Best Supporting Actor Award, Kopana Maroga, Fiesta Award 2018 Best Supporting Player, Kopano Maroga, Woordfees 2018


An encounter between two people, each in search of some kind of fulfilment: anaesthetist Jacques and Dance student Sizwe. The play moves through and between real time, surreal time, dream time and who-knows-what time. The text requires the fascinated reader to follow them through labyrinthine areas of lived experience, to … what kind of resolution?


The play is the result of the Royal Court Theatre New Plays from South Africa: after 20 Years of Democracy Programme.


‘Let me rush to add that I can’t recall any other production touching me this much in all the corners of my psyche, mind, soul and solar plexus.’  – Wim Vorster, The Theatre Times

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